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Aesthetic Teeth Turkey Istanbul: The number of individuals looking for pieces of information related to aesthetic teeth in Istanbul is increasing day by day. Before making a list of the dental services available in the city, one may need to understand what exactly they involve. The branch of dentistry dealing with aesthetics is called cosmetic dentistry. Professionals in this field essentially work with people whose primary concerns are about their looks. However the deeper reality is a little more complex. Cosmetic dentistry encompasses in fact a comprehensive set of procedures that are also in relation to more global oral structures and functions.
Aesthetic Teeth Turkey Istanbul: In many cases, the complaint of the patient and the actual problem may be directly about the state of the teeth. These may be stained or discolored. They may also be subject to greater damages such as cracks and chips. Other times, there may be anatomic issues that need to be corrected like a missing tooth or misalignment. Disproportions (teeth that are too big or too small when compared with the rest of the dentition) should also be taken into account. As the primary supportive tissues, gums or gingivae form an equally important subject of investigation in cosmetic dentistry. Just like the teeth, they may require corrective interventions.

What Are the Different Types of Dental Aesthetics?

Smile design and restoration: This is a generic term referring to several procedures. These may target the teeth (white aesthetics including dental whitening, Hollywood smile, etc.) and/ the gums (pink aesthetics, gingivectomy, etc.).

Cosmetic bonding: It can take care of various imperfections from gaps to cracks. Bonding procedures are also used to reshape and contour irregular teeth, or to smooth out prominent edges.

Crowns: Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps placed on damaged teeth. Made of porcelain, resin, or metal, they are restorative adjuncts that offer long-term protection.

Dentures: These serve as replacements for missing or compromised teeth and gums. Many models are removable and manipulable directly by the patient. They may be made of acrylic, resin, nylon, porcelain, or metal.

Implants: These are fixtures usually made of titanium or zirconia. They are inserted into the jawbone in order to replace damaged tooth roots. Depending on the general state of a patient’s dentition, they may be installed before white and pink aesthetic procedures.

Invisalign: This is a modern orthodontic treatment carried out with metal-free, invisible braces. In other terms, the treatment itself has aesthetic characteristics. Invisalign can correct crooked teeth, close any excessive gaps, or rather space out crowded dentitions discreetly.

Facial aesthetics: Some patients need or ask for more extensive modifications. Facial aesthetics are also a part of cosmetic dentistry and may be conducted through a variety of interventions. The most popular ones are substance injections (botulinum toxin aka Botox, dermal fillers, etc.). They usually act as complements to other dental treatments.

Can Anyone Benefit from These Cosmetic Interventions?

Usually speaking, anyone presenting one or several of the aforementioned issues would be eligible. As for age groups, children do generally not need such treatments, except in case of emergencies or severe malformations. Orthodontic treatments (such as Invisalign) are frequent among adolescents. Seniors can also undergo cosmetic procedures by all means, provided that careful examinations are conducted beforehand. 

Why Choose Turkey for Dental Aesthetics?

Aesthetic Teeth Turkey Istanbul: Turkey is rapidly becoming a global hub for dental aesthetics. The country’s commitment to providing high-quality, affordable dental procedures, coupled with its rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes, makes it an appealing choice for many.

Quality and Expertise

Aesthetic Teeth Turkey Istanbul: One of the significant advantages of choosing Dental Aesthetic Turkey is the exceptional level of quality and expertise available. Turkish dental clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to maintaining international standards of care.

Aesthetic Teeth Turkey Istanbul Cost Effectiveness

Aesthetic Teeth Turkey Istanbul: Turkey offers dental aesthetic procedures at prices significantly lower than many western countries. This cost-effectiveness, combined with the high standard of care, makes Turkey an attractive option for dental tourism.

Meet Dentist Ozlem Ozcan: The Expert in Aesthetic Dentistry

Dt. Ozlem Ozcan is a respected name in the field of aesthetic dentistry with years of experience and a passion for creating beautiful smiles. She is known for her exceptional skills, attention to detail, and commitment to patient satisfaction. Dt. Ozcan stays updated with the latest advancements in dentistry and utilizes state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to deliver outstanding results.

Aesthetic Teeth Turkey Istanbul FAQ

1Are the dental treatments at Aesthetic Teeth Turkey Istanbul safe?

Yes, patient safety is a top priority at Aesthetic Teeth Turkey Istanbul. The clinic follows stringent hygiene protocols and utilizes modern technology to ensure safe and effective treatments.

2 How long does teeth whitening treatment take?

The duration of teeth whitening treatment depends on various factors, including the extent of discoloration. Typically, it can be completed in a single visit or a few sessions.

3Can dental veneers look natural?

Yes, dental veneers are designed to mimic the natural appearance of teeth. Dt. Ozlem Ozcan customizes veneers to match the color, shape, and size of your existing teeth, creating a seamless blend.

4 How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants are designed to be a long-term solution for missing teeth. With proper care and regular dental check-ups, they can last a lifetime.

What awaits you?

Our dentist, who has 14 years of experience in Gayrettepe dental clinic and 16 years of experience in the field, has attended thousands of patient treatments, trainings, seminars and presentations.
Dt. Özlem Özcan Dental Clinic is a completely ethical and 100% patient satisfaction oriented healthcare institution. Our patients are our greatest reference.
Our clinic, which is 5 minutes away from the Metrobus, is located on Yıldızposta Street, which is the border of Gayrettepe and Esentepe neighborhoods.

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