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Dental bridges are custom-made substitutes used for tooth replacement. In that regard, they are often prescribed to patients who have missing teeth or other kinds of gaps. Simply put, what basically happens in such cases is that the dental professional ‘bridges’ or fills the compromised portions of one’s dentition. The intervention also includes tooth coverage. Dental bridge Turkey is the generic name of the related treatments offered across the country.
A bridge (or pontic, from the Latin word pons = bridge) is typically made with a full-size false tooth and surrounding supportive appliances. The function is both medical and cosmetic since there is a restoration of the natural appearance of the teeth. This article will provide further details about the different aspects of this kind of treatment.

Core Material of the Treatment

Dental bridge procedures are conducted through the use of a set of materials. The most essential ones are:

– Crowns. In their natural forms, crowns are nothing but the visible and enamel-coated part of the tooth anatomy. In dentistry, artificial crowns are substitutes designed to mimic those anatomic elements. They have a tooth-shaped appearance and can be made of resin, gold, zirconia, stainless steel, porcelain, or porcelain-fused-to-metal. They are placed over the damaged teeth in order to cover and protect them. They are also used to cover implants.

– Bridges. What is meant by bridges per se is the appliances placed on missing teeth and gaps. In other words, the dentist creates a bridge to attach several crowns to one another in a linear way. The adjacent (or abutment) teeth help maintain the substitutive teeth in place. Depending on the particularities of the treatment, different types of bridges may be used (traditional, implant-supported, cantilever, Maryland, etc.).

The combination of those two elements forms a prosthesis. 

Who Dental Bridge Treatment is Suitable For?

The minimum age is usually 18, especially for candidates needing implant-supported bridges. Plus, it is also required that the patient has still some healthy teeth surrounding the damaged or missing ones. Indeed, those are expected to serve as supporting elements.

Eligibility is possible for the following profiles:

Individuals born with a congenital condition that caused missing teeth.

Victims of accidents and subsequent injuries.

Individuals affected by tooth decay and loss, excessive gaps, gum diseases.

Types of Dental Crowns

Crowns are generally the central pieces of the treatment and as mentioned previously, they come in different types:

– Full porcelain crowns. They are metal-free and non-toxic. They may be pricey but have the advantage to offer the most natural-looking result. 

– Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. More affordable than full porcelain models, they are widely used and very durable. Their metallic part ensures strength and stability whereas the porcelain part takes care of the aesthetic aspect. 

– Empress crowns. Made of leucite glass ceramics, these are among the most realistic-looking substitutes. They are solid and durable, but also a little pricier than other alternatives.

– Zirconia crowns. Here’s another mixed model that combines translucent zirconia and porcelain. Despite being metal-free, these crowns have remarkable strength and durability. Their porcelain coverage ensures aesthetic looks. Zirconia crowns are also time-savers because they can be crafted and reshaped directly at the dentist’s office.

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