Dental Implants
(Turkey Istanbul)

Candidates for dental implants Turkey, Istanbul are naturally curious about what to expect in terms of expense. They are indeed about to commit themselves to a decisive process. Considering the wide range of implant prices in Turkey, it can be initially difficult to make a decision. This short guide aims at sorting out some essential information regarding both the dental implants in Turkey and the related costs of teeth implants Turkey.

What Is Dental Implant Treatment?

Dental implant treatment is a surgical operation during which artificial tooth roots are permanently implanted into the patient’s jaw. The objective is to replace any missing parts (usually the teeth) and restore the proper state and functions of the buccal cavity. Several clinical scenarios may motivate an implant request and prescription: total or partial tooth loss, fragilized or damaged tooth structure, inability to wear dentures. Some speech impairments associated with abnormal dental conditions may be treated through this kind of intervention as well. Implants are also a good alternative to dental bridges and crowns.

Price Range for Dental Implants Turkey Istanbul

We meet many patients asking whether there is a predetermined implant price in Turkey. Before giving any definitive answer, several aspects should be taken into account. In effect, it is necessary to break down the total cost into the implicated components. For instance, public hospitals and private clinics differ from each other in İstanbul dental implants price. Patients should also check the details and extent of their insurance policies. Some do not cover such procedures (except for critical cases) whereas others offer limited refunds.

Another fact to bear in mind is that implant treatment is a long and complex process. It involves several steps and constituents that all contribute to the final bill. Below you may find some estimations on dental implants Turkey cost, based on the currently applicable averages. The prices are shown in US dollars. 

Floor price (material non included): $197

Bone grafting: $63

Crown: $52 to $122 (depending on the material type: porcelain, zirconia, etc.)

Tooth extraction: $13 (up to $42 if the tooth is unerupted)

A comprehensive treatment that would include additional procedures such as scaling and teeth whitening costs around $6,000. It is best to discuss directly with your dental professional for the exact calculations of dental implants in İstanbul Turkey. 

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