Rationale for Dental Veneers Turkey Prescription

A dental veneer prescription can become necessary in the following contexts:

  • Upon cosmetic requests: Some people may not feel confident or happy with the appearance of their teeth and thus be looking for some changes.
  • Missing teeth or tooth parts: Veneers can serve as full replacements in such eventualities.
  • Malformation and discoloration: These may be of genetic origin or develop as a natural consequence of aging. In some other cases, they may be due to a particular medical condition (including oral diseases).
  • Malocclusion cases: Although often related to what was said in the previous paragraphs, misalignment issues can also appear as a result of complex psychological factors. For example, some individuals experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder may also be affected by bruxism (teeth grinding). This can in turn compromise the normal arrangement of the dentition.
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Dental veneers Turkey are a long-lasting solution for a wide variety of situations that may require tooth coating. They can improve the quality of your oral health considerably. For further information, please make an appointment with your dentist.

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    Dental Veneers Turkey Properties and Advantages

    • Veneers are resistant and durable, especially when made of porcelain. There are also composite resin veneers, which are cheaper and often quicker to apply. Patients are free to choose what they want. It is nonetheless important that dentists assess the compatibility between a given material and a particular clinical case.
    • Lumineers are a more modern alternative. They are a type of translucent, extremely thin (0.2 mm), and last even longer than traditional porcelain models. Thanks to their slimness and flexibility, one may not even need any recontouring operation. However, they are unfortunately more prone to breakage and chipping.

    Regardless of the material, most veneers look very natural, almost like or even better than the patient’s original teeth. Their whiter shade is an appreciable cosmetic bonus. Easy to maintain and clean, they are also solid enough to last at least 10 to 15 years.

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    Application for Dental Veneers Turkey

    It will depend on your personal situation. For example, some patients prefer removable veneers. These are cheaper, easier to apply, and can be manipulated by the patients themselves. They act as quick, temporary fixes. There are also palatal veneersmade to sit on the anterior teeth only. They restore the eroded parts of the palate without altering the rest of the teeth.  

    As for permanent veneers, these are implemented after the possible elimination of some enamel from the sides and front of the teeth. This restructuration may be necessary to make veneers fit properly. It is also irreversible. The dentist will take an impression of the teeth to obtain a model. Veneers can then be created and placed on predetermined spots. They can be made either for a few or all the teeth. 

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    FAQs about Dental Veneer

    What should I do to take good care of my dental veneers Turkey?

    Dental veneers Turkey are known to be resistant, but it is still advised not to bite or eat too hard foods.
    For example, you should avoid biting an apple with your upper teeth or using your mouth to open/crack anything.
    Daily oral hygiene is also essential (tooth brushing and flossing twice a day).
    If necessary, your dentist can also recommend additional measures, such as wearing a bite guard while sleeping.

    Does having a dental veneers Turkey on your teeth hurt?

    During the operation, dentists apply a local anesthetic to the treated areas. The patient remains awake but does not feel any pain.
    There may be some temporary discomfort during the first days following the intervention. 

    One of my veneers has just fallen out. What should I do?

    Please call your dental professional as soon as possible and don’t try to solve the problem on your own.
    You will probably only need a replacement for the lost cap. If still available, keep yours with you as well.