How Much Does Dentist Cost in Turkey?

dentist costs in turkey

Without a question, Turkey is one of the leaders in the world when it comes to health tourism. Thus, dental procedures are very common in the country. One of the most important factors in the decision-making process when selecting a dental clinic is the cost. So, you might ask, “How much does a dentist in Turkey cost?”

To answer your question and help you decide if dental treatment in Turkey is the right choice for you, we will explain how much a dentist costs in Turkey along with the effectiveness of dental procedures.

How Much Does A Dentist Cost in Istanbul?

You might be curious about the cost of dental care in Turkey given how important price might be in influencing your choice. Let’s now examine the dentist cost in Istanbul, which has the most recognized dental clinics in the country.

The cost of a dentist in Istanbul varies based on the type of care you receive. The cost of a dental implant ranges from 400 to 900 euros, depending on your condition and the clinic you select. Root canal treatment, however, costs between 150 and 250 euros for each tooth. Costs for laminate veneer treatments and zirconia crowns range from 350 to 500 euros. A teeth-whitening procedure also varies between 150 to 400 euros.

Is Turkey Cheap for Teeth?

One of the first countries that spring to mind when considering affordable dental operations is Turkey. Dentist costs in Turkey might be 50%–70% less than in the US, UK, Australia, and some European nations.

In comparison to nations like the UK and the US, operating expenses overall—including laboratory charges and dentist fees—are lower in Turkey.  Check out the next section if you’re curious about why getting dental treatment in Turkey is budget-friendly.

dentist costs in turkey

Why Is It So Cheap to Get Your Teeth Done in Turkey?

Even though Turkey is not exceptionally cheap for dental procedures compared to all of Europe, it is still less expensive than the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. What then accounts for the low cost of dental work in Turkey?

The popularity of dental tourism in the country plays a role in the response to this query. Due to the prevalence of dental and medical tourism in Turkey, many reputable clinics provide additional services in addition to treatment, including transportation, free diagnostics, and consultation. In comparison to alternative solutions, this makes the entire treatment less expensive.

Is Dental Care Good in Turkey?

Dental tourism is equally common in Turkey as is health tourism. In Turkey, there are numerous clinics with highly trained staff and cutting-edge technology. Before making a diagnosis, the majority of clinics offer free examinations, panoramic x-rays, and 3D tomography scan services. These alone demonstrate Turkey’s excellence in dental care.

Furthermore, to ensure the patient has a quick recovery, experienced and skilled dentists provide consultation and check-ups before and after the procedure. Additionally, Turkish dental clinics provide procedures like dental implants, teeth whitening, smile design (Hollywood smile), extractions, and more.

FAQs on Dental Procedures in Turkey

Does lower price means lower quality for dental clinics in Turkey?

Turkey meets the EU standards, which alone refutes the claim that low prices indicate bad quality. In addition to providing low-cost dental care, Turkish dental clinics also provide free diagnosis, transportation, consultation, 7/24 assistance, panoramic x-rays, and 3D tomography scans.

What are the most popular dental treatments in Turkey?

Turkey is popular when it comes to dental procedures such as dental implants, teeth whitening, and veneers. These treatments are popular due to the low prices and quality equipment and skilled dentists and clinics in the country.

What criteria should I check before getting dental treatment in Turkey?

Pay close attention to whether the dental facility you select is reputable, has a knowledgeable staff of dentists, and adheres to standard hygiene and sterilization procedures. If you are considering traveling to Turkey for a dental procedure, be sure the facility has expertise in treating patients from other countries, has no language barriers, helps with transportation, and is recognized internationally.

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