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If your search queries include the terms dentures Turkey, Istanbul this article can provide you with the information you are looking for. There are indeed several related treatment types and services available in the metropolis. Before reviewing them, it is best to recall some of the common causes and circumstances that can necessitate the usage of prostheses.

Who Needs to Use a Dentures?

A dental prosthesis or denture is an artificial teeth replacement. It is one of the most commonly utilized treatments in dentistry. Some of the conditions that may lead to prosthesis usage include:
• Tooth loss as a consequence of aging and periodontal disease. Although seemingly more frequent in the elderly, it can involve younger age groups as well. • Traumatic dental injuries resulting from accidents or brutal impacts. • Complications accompanying certain diseases (e.g., cancer) and/or secondary effects of associated treatments (e.g., chemotherapy). • Insufficient or unadapted bucco-dental hygiene.

Complete Dentures Turkey

Typically prescribed to patients with total tooth loss, complete dentures are also labeled as complete dentures. Their design is handled by denturists and prosthodontists in a way that ensures a perfect replacement of your original dentition. Artificial teeth are created with composite material that generally includes acrylic resin or with dental ceramic/porcelain. As for artificial gums, they are primarily made of pink resin. An alloy of nylon and mouth-friendly metals completes the rest of the denture frame. The ensemble is fixed on the sockets of your jaw with dental gel.

Complete dentures are a relatively affordable when compared to other alternatives. The process is also less laborious and the recovery time is quite short. One disadvantage could be their lack of adhesion. Some patients do indeed report a feeling of instability. Your dentist can fix the issue by installing additional adhesive particles such as bars. Another downside is that those dentures require daily maintenance. You would probably have to remove and clean them after each meal and before going to bed.

Partial Dentures Turkey

These are used as supplies for one or a few teeth. They are recommended for patients experiencing partial tooth loss or deterioration. They blend in with the remaining natural teeth. The simplest models are called flippers, which are retainers that hold artificial teeth. They usually serve as temporary fillers for any missing dentition part either on the upper or lower jaw. They are quite easy to wear and remove. 

On the other hand, there are more durable partial dentures that fully replace the lost teeth. Just like flippers, they are mostly made of plastic composites but in addition, they also comprise metallic hooks. The latter may contain diverse alloys like cobalt-chrome or similar material that minimizes any risk of allergy. The whole structure is known as dental stellite. Your dentist will place the stellites in the appropriate spots and check how they fit.

Most patients are worried about the aesthetic aspect of metallic adjuncts. This can be easily solved thanks to tooth-colored clasps ensuring a uniform look for the entire dentition. Another major inconvenience is that partial removable devices may require a longer adjustment period. You may need to visit your dentist several times before feeling totally accustomed.

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