Overview of the Procedure

You may be frequently noticing some billboards and ads with intriguing titles such as ‘Hollywood Smile Turkey’. Smile design has indeed become one of the remarkable trends in cosmetic dentistry. The intervention promises brighter, whiter, perfectly aligned, and more attractive teeth along with healthier-looking gums. It typically includes the following steps:

  • Initial examination: This is a preliminary step that the client ought to go through. In effect, the dentist has to evaluate the general state of the buccal cavity and eradicate any adverse condition. For example, if there are any decay, cavities, or other oral damages, these should be treated prior to the smile makeover. The latter can be performed only on a healthy basis.
  • Dental impression and molding: The dentist will take dental impressions and recreate a mold of the patient’s dentition. The model obtained will serve as a reference or simulation ground for the future teeth.
  • Comparison and selection: The patient may already have an end result in mind and share some pictures of it. The dental professional as well may show some examples through for example before/after photos of other cases. This is basically the decision-making phase.
  • Design and production: Once the desired Hollywood smile is selected, the dental professional can take the final measurements. The required material is then produced and prepared in dedicated laboratories. Before the operation, the patient will get a digital smile preview that mimics the final result.
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Hollywood smile makeover is one of the most popular interventions in cosmetic dentistry. Dental clinics in Turkey are fully equipped for giving you a new and improved  Hollywood smile Turkey. Please consult your dental professional for further information about this transformative opportunity.

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    Details of the Makeover Phase

    The core of the operation consists of the installation of porcelain veneers. The original teeth are sort of enveloped by the new artificial reproductions. A local anesthetic is administered to the patient in order to avoid any pain or discomfort. Once the veneers are placed, the dentist will check how they fit and see if there is any adjustment needed. If so, the veneers can be trimmed and reshaped accordingly.

    When the definitive version is ready, the teeth are cleaned and polished one last time. The veneers are permanently fixed onto the patient’s teeth with dental cement. The dentist then applies some light to secure the adhesion.

    At the end of the process, the excess cement is cleaned out. The dental professional proceeds to the final verifications and makes the patient discover their brand new smile.


    Duration of the Intervention

    It is not really possible to anticipate how long the whole intervention will take. For instance, clients who ask for minimal changes limited to teeth whitening will need only a couple of visits. On the other hand, those who undergo a more elaborated makeover like veneer placement will need up to 7 sessions. When adding the mandatory follow-up visits, the totality of the process can require several weeks and sometimes even months.


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    FAQs about Hollywood Smile Makeover

    How long will the results last?

    At least a decade. You have the possibility to prolong the effects by adopting proper oral hygiene and eating habits. Regular dental visits are also a must.

     Is there an age limit?

    No, not really. An overall good oral health and the absence of any contraindication would generally suffice for a smile makeover candidature. 

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