Laminate Veneers in
Turkey Istanbul

Laminate veneers (or dental laminates) are extremely thin coatings applied to the front side of the teeth. Mostly made of porcelain, their main purpose is to counteract aesthetic problems. Laminate veneer treatment Istanbul is made by best methods in our clinic.
They contribute to correcting common ones such as stubborn tooth discolorations, gaps, and some forms of misalignment. Thanks to their wafer-thin surface, they don’t require major changes in the tooth size or structure prior to the intervention. So in most cases, they ensure the overall preservation of the original teeth. Most patients are very satisfied with the end result. For instance, the way laminate veneers reflect light is remarkably life-like. This is a bonus aspect that increases their highly natural-looking appearance even more.

Potential Clientele

Laminate veneers may be suitable for you if:

You are at least 18 years old.

Your teeth are discolored/lacking whiteness.

You are affected by bruxism (teeth grinding) or similar conditions exerting additional pressure on your jaw and mouth areas.

You have noticeable yet not too severe enable erosion.

You want to correct mild misalignment issues/improve dental symmetry.


People under 18 years old can usually not be candidates for laminate veneers. Exceptions can be made after examinations conducted on a case-by-case basis.

Additionally, advanced and severe orthodontic problems do not really respond well to laminate veneer procedures. The same goes for critical levels of erosion. In sum, any condition likely to seriously interfere with the treatment can be labeled as a contraindication.

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