Orthodontics Istanbul: Types of Treatments

For patients visiting or residing in Istanbul, there are many orthodontic services available in the city. Here is a list regrouping the main interventions:

 Dental Braces

Braces are among the most well-known devices of orthodontics. They are utilized in order to realign malformed teeth by applying pressure on the problematic areas. Typically, they are made of a series of brackets placed respectively on each tooth. Metal braces are probably the most classical model and commonly prescribed to adolescents. The metal brackets are secured thanks to a metal wire. The duration of the treatment is variable: The patient may have to wear the braces for several months or years. The average is around 18 to 24 months.

A similar but more popular model is lingual braces. The similarity with the traditional braces is due to the materials being used. However, they are more popular because way less visible and thus more aesthetic-looking. Indeed, they are placed on the inner side of the teeth. The only downside is that they may not be sufficient for treating severe malformations.

There are also self-ligating braces that don’t require rubber bands to make the brackets adhere to the tooth surface. They are thus more discreet and comfortable.

Along with the aforementioned fixed braces, orthodontists also propose removable braces. Most of the time, they are recommended for minor problems and especially for children. They are usually shaped as plastic trays that are customized in accordance with the patient’s anatomy. Clear aligners are a translucent model that many people prefer because of their quasi-invisible look (see the example of Invisalign below).


Invisalign is originally a trademark of Align Technology. However, it became so popular over time that now the name is used as a proprietary eponym for almost any kind of clear aligner. Aside from the previously mentioned aesthetic advantage, this model is fabricated with bisphenol A-free plastic. It is custom-made thanks to a 3D replica of the patient’s teeth. The dentist will usually renew it every 4 weeks. The treatment can take 6 to 24 months. 


Retainers are typically utilized after some orthodontic treatments (including braces). In that regard, they accompany the post-treatment adjustment period. Made of plastic or metal, they hold the teeth in place and mostly prevent bite-related issues.

Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic or corrective jaw surgery is an intervention conducted by oral surgeons in collaboration with orthodontists. It is needed in some cases presenting irregularities and malformations along the chin, maxilla (upper jaw), and/or mandible (lower jaw). It can restore proper functions while improving facial appearance. As an advanced procedure, it requires careful examinations as well as a precautious approach from the patients themselves. 

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    Orthodontic Treatment Plan

    The stages can be listed as follows: examination, preparation, and corrective procedure.

    The examination stage includes the assessment and diagnosis of the patient’s particular case. This is when the orthodontist also decides on the appropriate methodology and techniques.

    The preparation stage allows prioritizing the most urgent aspects of the treatment. The primary criterion is to establish proper hygienic conditions. Any possible prerequisites (dental cleaning, etc.) have to be completed during this stage.

    Finally, the medico-dental team can proceed with the orthodontic treatment per se.

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    FAQs about Orthodontics

    Can I brush my teeth while using braces?

    Yes, you can and you even should. Appropriate tooth cleaning is all the more important under this kind of treatment.
    It is also recommended that brace-wearers avoid sticky foods and limit their sugar intake as much as possible.

    What is the minimum ideal age to start orthodontic treatments?

    The sooner the better in many cases. Indeed, some malformations and dysfunctions are easier to eradicate during the earlier stages of development.
    Ages 9 to 14 are a suitable starting point.

    What should I do if one of my brackets falls out?

    The best thing to do in such cases is to consult your orthodontist as soon as possible.
    Only qualified professionals can replace any missing parts or compromised devices.