Pedodontics in Turkey Istanbul

The terms pedodontics in Istanbul refer to pediatric dental services available in the city of Istanbul. Pedodontics (from Greek paidos = child and odontos = tooth) is the branch of dentistry that deals with dental health in toddlers, children, and adolescents. Also known as pediatric dentistry, it aims at contributing to the normal development and well-being of the younger public. The main actors of this dental specialty are pedodontists. They operate through a set of preventive and interceptive practices that will be presented in more detail in this article.

Scope of Child Dentistry

Preventive Measures

Children and teenagers are the demographics that are the most prone to receive and internalize information. So the first pillar of prevention is to inform them about dental health, beginning with the benefits of oral hygiene. One of the roles of pedodontists is to encourage the parents to instill good habits in their children. Daily toothbrushing is one among others. Pedodontists can also do their best to act as friendly figures and help children reduce their fear of dental visits.


Cavity Risk Assessment and Treatment

Genetic and/or environmental factors may render some children more likely to get cavities. Pedodontists can design personalized long-term preventive programs to reduce such probabilities. In case the decay has already begun (e.g., baby bottle tooth decay, early childhood caries), appropriate devices like fillings and crowns can be applied. Stainless steel is one of the safe materials to be used in children.

Advanced deteriorations and over-retained teeth (that is, those obstructing the eruption of permanent teeth) may require extraction.

Fluoride Treatment

As a protective mineral, fluoride is often a good supplement in junior dental care. It is known for its strengthening effect on enamel. Fluoride is topically applied to the child’s teeth in order to prevent plaque formation and decay.

Dental Brace Treatment

Dental braces can be prescribed to children (especially teenagers) to correct malocclusion issues. Depending on the patient’s profile and age, as well as the extent of the irregularities, different types of braces will be indicated. Metal, lingual, self-ligating, and clear aligners (e.g., Invisalign) are among the most common models. The objective is to restore the proper functioning of the teeth and jaw while also ensuring aesthetic looks.


Fissure Sealants

Deciduous or baby teeth are more fragile than permanent adult teeth. Plus, children do not always succeed at brushing and taking care of their teeth effectively. Those factors increase the risk of deterioration and thus of getting cavities. A dental sealant is basically a liquid substance (either white or transparent) that is applied onto the threatened areas of the teeth. More specifically, it is used to cover and seal the fissured chewing surfaces of premolars and molars. It offers long-term protection. This treatment is suitable for ages 6 and older.    

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are special devices placed on areas affected by tooth loss. The child may have lost one or several teeth after an injury, disease, or extraction. It is important to keep the related space open in order to avoid any further complications. For instance, this will prevent gum sensitivity and possible misalignments. Different kinds of maintainers are available (transpalatal arch, lingual, distal shoe, band and loop, etc.). The choice will be made according to the patient’s needs. If there is a considerable number of missing teeth, maintainers can be completed with artificial teeth to maintain proper mastication.  

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