Porcelain Teeth in Turkey Istanbul

Porcelain is an assemblage of thin and translucent ceramic material porcelain teeth treatment in Istanbul is one of the most versatile and premium appliances in dentistry. Indeed, porcelain veneers are often prescribed to replace missing teeth or to securely cover damaged areas. Besides their sanitary and functional purposes, their resemblance to natural teeth confers them with great cosmetic potential.

Suitable Patient Profiles for Porcelain Teeth

You may be an ideal candidate for porcelain teeth in the following cases: If you suffer from discolored, deformed, or broken teeth, If you have one or more missing teeth, If you want to avoid overcomplicated orthodontic treatments, If you have an important number of cavities that are not treatable with other methods, If you are looking for some aesthetic improvement or changes.

Types of Porcelain Veneers

There is a wide variety of porcelain tooth Istanbul dental clinics can offer. One should note though that the choice will not be based on aesthetic criteria only. Depending on the severity of a particular problem, the dentist might suggest one model or another. For example, if there is an important number of missing teeth, dental bridges will require porcelain reinforced with harder material. Common porcelain teeth types include:

Empress veneers: Also known as full porcelain veneers, these are metal-free ceramic models. They are mostly known for being aesthetically appealing with tints close to natural teeth. They are preferably used for single-tooth treatments, especially incisors (front teeth). In effect, they are usually not solid enough to cover canines and molars.

Porcelain veneers with metal substructures: These are more solid than full porcelain veneers and thus also suitable for posterior teeth. The target surface is measured, then covered with a metallic infrastructure. Once it is totally secured, the porcelain parts can be added in order to complete the tooth replacement/coverage.

Porcelain laminate veneers: These are leaf-thin models mostly suitable for partial coverage (front side of the teeth). They require little to no surface etching and provide excellent aesthetic results.

Zirconia-based porcelain veneers: Highly biocompatible and antiallergenic, zirconia-based models are advantageous both in terms of comfort and aesthetics. Unlike some metallic materials, they don’t stain over time and are also more resistant than full porcelain veneers.   

Phases of the Treatment

The process usually starts with a thorough cleaning of the teeth. The dentist also treats any possible decay before the veneer placement procedure.

Trimming may be required in some cases. It is done in order to remove any enamel excess. The idea is to make the natural tooth surface match the veneer.

Then the dentist may use an intraoral scanner in order to create a mold of the teeth.

Once the final model and shade have been chosen by the patient and the dentist, the impression and mold are sent to a specialized laboratory.

While the final equipment is being prepared, some patients may wear temporary veneers. This can be a good way to habituate them to the appliances.

At the final stage, the dentist will fix and adjust the veneers. Feedback will be asked from patients and their bite will be checked.

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