What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment or endodontic treatment is a dental intervention conducted in order to alleviate various kinds of infections. The main goal is to save the infected teeth without extracting them. Dentists specialized in root canal treatment are known as endodontists. The first phase of their service usually consists of a careful examination of the patient. Depending on the subsequent diagnosis, they may decide to prescribe a canal treatment.

The root canal is an area situated in the root of a tooth. It comprises the main canals, a pulp chamber (in the coronal section), and a set of connective tissues. Sometimes, an infection may develop in that central part of the tooth and affect the pulps and nerves. Endodontic therapies allow to clean them out. They are performed under local aesthetic. Once the target area is decontaminated, the dentist reshapes the inside of the canal and seals it up. In most cases, a crown is placed on the restored tooth. The end goal is to prevent any further bacterial infection.

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A root canal treatment is a dental emergency procedure that aims at restoring normal teeth functions via the elimination of threatening infections. Cavities, cracks, abscesses, and other complications are treated thanks to a thorough cleaning of the tooth root at risk. As a world-renowned medical tourism destination, Turkey stands out also in the field of endodontic practices.

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    Root Canal Treatment in Turkey

    Dentistry and endodontics are well-known branches in Turkey. There are many specialized clinics across the country. They provide premium services at competitive prices. The average cost of a single tooth treatment is around $70.

    Turkish clinics are also extremely preferred when it comes to the quality of their equipment. The root canal explorers, drills, endodontic burs, excavators, and every other material involved in the treatment are selected in accordance with meticulous criteria. Resources for research and development are carefully monitored in order to always offer the most satisfactory and reliable services. Every single phase of the intervention makes use of cutting-edge technology. The beneficiaries are not only locals but also foreigners. Indeed, Turkey is one of the worldwide references in terms of medical tourism. Root canal treatment in Turkey is also highly demanded.


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    Who May Benefit from Root Canal Treatments in Turkey?

    A root canal treatment can be indicated for the following cases:

    •  Severe tooth decay (that may or not result in cavities)
    •  Tooth cracks or chips due to genetic factors or injuries
    •  Complications inherited from previous dental interventions (defective crowns, fillings, etc.)
    • Dental abscesses. These may be caused by an inflammation occurring in another organ and thus require more extensive analyses.

    Root canal issues are generally considered dental emergencies. Therefore, they need to be remediated as soon as possible.

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    FAQs about Root Canal Treatment

    Can a root canal treatment in Turkey make me lose my tooth? 

    As long as there is not any contraindication pointed out by your dentist, eating while wearing a flipper is fine.u003cbru003eActually renders chewing easier and thus improves your eating experience.

    How long will root canal treatment in Turkey?

    One visit is enough in most cases. The procedure itself can take up to 2 hours.u003cbru003eHowever, patients suffering from more extensive issues may need more than one visit.

    Is the root canal treatment in Turkey painful?

    No, it is usually painless. You will undergo the treatment under a local aesthetic, which will numb the target area.u003cbru003eYou may experience some slight sensitivity in the days following the intervention.