Teeth Whitening in Turkey Istanbul

Teeth whitening Turkey Istanbul (also known as tooth bleaching or dental whitening) is an intervention performed in order to lighten tooth color. It mostly addresses the aesthetic concerns of individuals who desire whiter teeth.
Others may already be satisfied with the color of their dentition and just looking for some extra brightness. Overall, teeth whitening is one of the most popular beautifying applications of the last decades. In rarer cases, it can be prescribed for strictly medical reasons as well. There are several factors that contribute to determining tooth color. Genetics is one of them. Many studies suggest that enamel characteristics (transparency, durability, etc.) can be inherited from ancestry and ethnicity. This transmission is often combined with environmental and lifestyle factors.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Turkey Istanbul

Numerous methods fall under this category, ranging from ‘grandma remedies’ to more radical and chemical attempts. Common homemade formulas are those encouraging people to whiten their teeth naturally. Frequent examples include tooth brushing with baking soda and oil pulling (especially with coconut oil known for its lightning effect).

Many sources also recommend the usage of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), a chemical liquid made of hydrogen and oxygen. It is often invoked for its disinfecting and bleaching properties. We also find it in many of the highly publicized whitening toothpastes, along with other ingredients such as silica and blue covarine. The latter is the pigment providing that famous instant optical illusion of whiteness. The safety and efficacy in the long run of these methods are still open to debate.

The safety aspect gets even more problematic with other over-the-counter products that promise more drastic changes. Using kits with LED blue light, whitening trays, stripes, and pens without medical advice can result in serious problems. These tools may cause irreversible damage not only to the teeth but also to the gums, tongue, and the rest of the buccal area.

Hollywood smile makeover is one of the most popular interventions in cosmetic dentistry. Dental clinics in Turkey are fully equipped for giving you a new and improved smile with teeth bleaching İstanbul. Please consult your dental professional for further information about this transformative opportunity of teeth whitening İstanbul.

In-Office Teeth Whitening Turkey Istanbul

If you type the terms ‘teeth whitening Turkey İstanbul’ on your search engine, you will get a list of professional addresses in the city. This proves the importance of medical assistance in tooth health. The procedure starts with an appointment. First, your dentist examines the state of your teeth and related tissues, nerves, and/or organs.

In effect, not everyone is automatically eligible for teeth whitening Turkey Istanbul. There may be an acute or more chronic condition that needs to be solved beforehand. Then your dentist makes you wear a tray that saturates your teeth with a rightly dosed gel. So the whitening agents are only delivered to the appropriate spots. The effect can be increased through a moderate diffusion of UV light or laser. The operation takes only 30 minutes to 1 hour but you may need several visits for Turkey teeth whitening. 

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